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About us

MEGAREVE a Lifestyle Concept & Supply since 1995

MEGAREVE Group of Companies is based in Hong Kong, China and Europe and specialises in the creation, manufacturing, exporting, trading and distributing of a wide range of Lifestyle Accessories, Wine & Beverage Products, Accessories & Equipments, Refrigeration Equipments, Promotional Items and Eco-Friendly Consumer Products.

We are operating a Wine & Spirits and Beverage division exporting and distributing various brands and an Entertainment Company owning and developing Bar Concepts.

MEGAREVE continuously designs and creates new products through using local expertise and European designers and technicians to deliver a wide range of products for our customers.

Our creation and manufacturing activities are producing a wide range of Lifestyle accessories and equipments such as Promotional items and Premiums, Wine Cellars & Dispensers, Beverage Coolers, Refrigeration Equipments, Beverage Dispensing machines, Food Freezers, Electric Appliances, Home & Electronic accessories, Household and tailor-made OEM and ODM Consumer Products and Equipments.

Currently exporting to major international markets, MEGAREVE always looks to develop new relationships with other importers, exporters and distributors.

Our product range is always evolving, due to our commitment to constantly improve our products and in response to specific customer requirements.

For further information, please contact us and we would be pleased to send you our detailed range of products by e-mail and by air mail with CD and catalogues.

The Megareve Team
Hong Kong / China / Europe