World Refrigeration & Cold Chain Concepts
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MEGAREVE International Group of Companies is based in Hong Kong, China and Europe and is specialised in the development, production, export of a wide range of Refrigeration Equipment, Wine Cellar, Equipment & Accessories and Customised Concepts.

MEGAREVE International Ltd. has been established since 1999. With our experience in development and manufacturing Refrigeration Equipment and Wine Cellars, we are well recognized as a reputable and reliable supplier worldwide.

Our products ranging from Coolers, Freezers, Chest Freezers, Refrigerators, Food & Beverage Refrigerated Showcases, Minibars, Air Cooling Systems to Wine Cellars, Walk in Cellars, Wine & Beverage Dispensers, Medical Coolers & Freezers, Cold Rooms, OEM & ODM and customized products according to customer’s requirements.

MEGAREVE continuously develops new products through using our local expertise and European technicians to deliver a wide range of products for our customers worldwide and in response to specific customer requirements.

Our Company also provides high level quality control and production monitoring services with our international team of technicians.

Currently exporting to major international markets, MEGAREVE International always looks to develop new relationships with importers, exporters and distributors.


The Megareve Team
World Refrigeration & Cold Chain Concepts