Megareve International

MEGAREVE International Group of Companies is based in Hong Kong, China and Europe and is specialised in the development, production, export of a wide range of Refrigeration Equipment, Wine Cellar, Equipment & Accessories and Customised Concepts.

MEGAREVE International Ltd. has been established since 1999. With our experience in development and manufacturing Refrigeration Equipment and Wine Cellars, we are well recognized as a reputable and reliable supplier worldwide.

Our products ranging from Coolers, Freezers, Chest Freezers, Refrigerators, Food & Beverage Refrigerated Showcases, Minibars, Air Cooling Systems to Wine Cellars, Walk in Cellars, Wine & Beverage Dispensers, Medical Coolers & FreezersCold Rooms, OEM & ODM products etc…

More Than

20 Years of Experience

MEGAREVE continuously develops new products through using our local expertise and European technicians to deliver a wide range of products for our customers worldwide .

Our product range is always evolving, due to our commitment to constantly improve our products and in response to specific customer requirements .

Currently exporting to major international markets, MEGAREVE International always looks to develop new relationships with importers, exporters and distributors .